DAO Treasury

The DAO treasury is controlled by multisig wallets and manages the proceeds from the initial ISSUAA DAO angel contributors as well as the remaining ISS tokens.
The ISSUAA DAO controls two multisig wallets.
The first one is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and was used to receive the funds from the initial ISSUAA DAO angel contributors. In total 1.96m ISS tokens were given out to such angels for a contribution of 195,886 USD in stable coins.
These funds are spend to support the growth and safety of the ISSUAA protocol. Initially, funds were used to pay for the audit by Obelisk as well as a the initial marketing campaign.
The second multisig wallet is deployed directly on Polygon. It holds the remaining ISS tokens that are potentially available for sale to strategic partners and investors. Also, 50k USDC were bridged from Ethereum to provide liquidity to the ISS token on Sushi Swap.